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Mary Stout,
Director of Professional Learning,
announces the launch
of our
new writing website,

CSRA RESA dedicates our new writing website to all teachers who must each day find ways to mold students into writers. This task is not easy, not quick, and not prescriptive. Each child brings his or her background, experiences, passion, and voice into expressing written thought. Every teacher, regardless of content expertise, must promote the thinking, the skills, the strategies, the reading, and the opportunity behind the art of writing.

Throughout this website, teachers can explore ideas to assist them in their writing instruction. They will find standards and glossaries, model learning targets, sample rubrics, sample prompts, extended lessons, and focused power lessons.

Our writing consultants will add new materials throughout this next year. We welcome your feedback and guidance as we build this writing resource. Our goal is to have a one-stop writing resource.

Professional Learning Courses
Upcoming courses at CSRA RESA

    • October 5 - GA School Counselor Evaluation
    • October 11 - Media Specialist Collaborative PLC
    • October 17 - In-depth Reading Strategies PLC Session 3
    • October 17 - Math PLC
    • October 24 - Inquiry-Based Learning PLC Session 3
    • November 2 - Support Learning-by-Doing STEM Education with
      GPB's Free Digital Resources
To register for courses, please click here.

Media Specialist Collaborative PLC
October 11, 2017

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4683 Augusta Highway SE
Dearing, GA 30808

Save The Date!

Mathematics Conference

October 18-20, 2017

Rock Eagle 4-H Center

Click the image above for registration information and to view the Keynote and Featured Speakers.

Calling ALL Instructional Coaches,
Curriculum Directors, and Teacher Leaders!

CSRA RESA is excited to announce a unique opportunity for school and district leaders who focus on providing job-embedded professional learning to faculty members within districts and schools!

Facilitated by CSRA RESA’s dynamite professional learning consultants, these “train the trainer” professional learning pathways will provide participants with a variety of research-based strategies and materials, as well as opportunities to discuss ways of facilitating the information within a district or school professional learning session.

What is being offered for Instructional Coaches, Curriculum Directors, and Teacher Leaders?


In-depth Reading Strategies PLC
This PLC will focus on high-powered reading strategies that allow middle school and high school students to access texts and to improve comprehension, vocabulary development and reading stamina.

The sessions will give the participants hands-on experience using the strategy and developing ideas for students. The participants will walk away with materials they can use to train other teachers in their buildings or districts.

Any middle school or high school coach or teacher who is interested in improving student reading skills will receive the most current, research-based reading strategies to enhance reading growth.

To register, Click here.

Collaborative Learning

are always looking for strategies to engage students while making sure we are creating meaningful learning opportunities. Maybe you would like to ignite discussion, get feedback from your students, or give students a voice to demonstrate or articulate their understanding? What about even communicating with parents and encouraging them to get involved in their child's learning?

A tool that is highly recommended by teachers across the nation for all of the above and much more is FLIPGRID! I have talked about this tool in the past, but it has recently gone through some amazing revisions! Check out their blog at and see students using this tool in many ways: or #flipgridfever

Flipgrid has been selected as a best app and website for Teaching and Learning in 2017 by the American Association for School Librarians.

Using Flipgrid, you can hear from 100% of your students! Flipgrid One is totally free, while Flipgrid Classroom has a yearly subscription rate.

Check out the images below:
  • Left image- participate globally on topics such as Fossils, Imagine (all Science), What If, and many more
  • Right image- a teacher recording her response to a topic during PL which will then be shared on the "topic grid"
Contact me for more information about using this tool in your classroom or professional learning sessions.

submitted by Diane Griffin

Teacher Resource Link

The redesigned T
eacher Resource Link is Georgia’s one-stop shop for teachers, with user-friendly search options and more than 28,000 resources categorized by grade-level standards.

The new site features an Essential Toolkit for teachers along with curriculum maps, frameworks, glossaries, teacher guidance and downloadable resources. Please note that there are resources for all grade levels, and we are excited to roll out the Essential Toolkit for K-5 ELA and math resources now. Further updates for other subjects and high school are currently in development.

The new site features a cleaner design and a simple user interface, allowing you to build a “shopping cart” of downloadable resources to save, store, and share. You can sort by grade level and resource type, and new advanced search options make it easier to find documents. The redesigned TRL can be a powerful tool for your classroom, providing coherent instructional resources aligned with state standards.

To access these resources, click on the “TRL” tab within the State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS). Click here for the TRL Quick Start Guide.
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