MARCH 2018 

Professional Learning Courses

Upcoming Courses at CSRA RESA

    • March 6 - ELA PLC for Grades 4-12 Session 7 and ELA PLC for Grades K-3 Session 4
    • March 7 - Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) Instructor Certification Training
    • March 8 - Spring Media Specialist Collaborative

    • March 13 - Inquiry-Based Learning PLC Session 6
    • March 15 - Math and Science Integration for Elementary Teachers
    • March 16 - Enhancing Visual Literacy in the ELA Classroom with PBS Learning Media

    • March 20 - In-depth Reading Strategies PLC Session 7
    • March 20 - Math PLC
    • March 27 - Teaching the GSE: High School Economics
    • March 27 - CSRA RESA Tech Directors Meeting

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Media Specialist Collaborative 
March 8, 2018

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the Teacher's Voice

My name is Lynda Moore, and I have been a high school math teacher for twenty-eight years, teaching all levels of high school math to all different kinds of students.  I have a twenty-year-old son, Trent, and a fifteen-year-old daughter, Addison.  Like many teachers, I try to keep my students engaged, which is no small task with the likes of a smart phone in their pocket.  I am a Life-Longer and love to learn and try new things.  The biggest transformation of my teaching career took place in my math classroom about a year ago.

As I saw my own son tackle college, I wondered if I was doing all that I could to prepare my students for their next steps, whether it was college or tech school.  Technology is everywhere and teaching from the textbook has seen its day.  Our county IT person presented an hour long in-service on Google Classroom and it CHANGED my classroom.  After that, I immediately started working on my Google Certification and started using the electronic platform in my classroom.

I currently teach Honors Geometry and Geometry, and my classes are completely paperless.  However, more than being paperless, Google Classroom allows me to differentiate more easily than I have ever experienced!  I teach with hyperdocs in my Google Classroom, which allows my students to work at their own pace.  I have scaffolded my Geometry standards, so my students have the ability to obtain help as they need it in their lessons.  In Google Classroom, I can watch in real time as they work and can correct misconceptions before they turn in their assignments.  I use Bitmojis for self-assessment, because in a high school classroom that is influenced by peer pressure, many students are hesitant to raise their hand and say they do not understand.  The image below is an example of a self-assessment I use in a lesson; I use the student assessments to adjust what I do in my classroom.
We have block classes at BCHS. The use of hyperdocs allows my students to learn material and, at the same time, identify possible weaknesses. If weaknesses are identifed, I can direct them to organized material through the hyperdoc, which can help them improve their skills. I have spent my time away from my students building lessons that guide them. During class, I am able to help individuals with their needs better than I have ever done before because the assessments provide immediate feedback.

I also created the idea of “ticket for understanding” in my classroom.  My high school students care about their grades WHEN they are taking the assessment. If I grade a set of papers and return them the next day, most students look at their grade and then place them in their notebooks, but what I have found is if students can see and analyze their mistakes from immediate feedback, MOST students will look at their mistakes.  I use a Google Form to assess their learning in class everyday with a five-question Ticket for Understanding.  They get instant feedback to use immediately to improve their work before they turn it in.  This allows my students to know what they understand and where they need more assistance. Thus, my students have become knowledgeable about the standards and where their weaknesses lie.  I also use Google Forms as a practice for our Summative Assessments, allowing the students time to redo the practice assessments as needed to prepare for their test.

In my Google Classroom, I have virtual office hours where my students can ask questions, and I can literally see the document they are working on and correct them as they go. My students' ability to log in and work from any location enables them to stay connected even when they have to miss class. They do not have to wait until the next day or later to find what the class has completed.  Many students are able to maintain their learning and keep up with the class even when absent.

As we look at college and technical schools, we see the importance of Learning Management Systems; as a result, Google Classroom has changed the way I teach.  Here at Burke, I am 1:1 Chromebooks in my classroom, so I have found that I can give my students many choices for learning.  In the above image, you will see a "Menu Board" that was created to give my students the ability to study the way that is most effective for them.  Teaching students is not a one size fits all; the more choices I can offer my students, the more successful they will be in understanding the material.  The ability to share resources digitally with my students allows them to access what they need.

During this time, I have had the incredible opportunity to teach my colleagues what I have been doing with Google Classroom. The image on the left is one of my presentations where I introduced HyperDocs and shared my favorite Google tools and Chrome extensions.  

Google Classroom is more than just a seamless way to share materials with my students. Google Classroom is more than just a way to help them stay organized and build a digital notebook.  Therefore, Google Classroom IS the best way to help my students. Using this platform has transformed learning for my students.

In the images below, you will see my Geometry students working on their material in Google Classroom.  Notice the heading "Know Moore Math"...that's my customized logo for my Google Classroom banner.  Many of my students enjoy our learning because they get to move at their own pace, and I find that I have time during class to spend working on misconceptions with individual students.

In closing, I want to emphasize that the students leave my class with a perfectly organized notebook for future math studies. Additionally, students can use this notebook to prepare for the SAT/ACT.  They will also have access to their material in their Google Drive folder. My students really like that benefit!  

submitted by Lynda Moore

Number Talks

      How can teachers help students with those dreadful fractions?  

      Stephanie Elizondo, with Math Solutions, spent two days at CSRA RESA working with educators in third through eighth grades sharing the Number Talks strategies with a focus on fractions, decimals, and percents.

      The major ideas from her session included:  

  • facilitating Number Talks to draw attention to student thinking and bring their reasoning to the forefront of the classroom
  • shifting instruction about rational numbers from procedure- and rule-based toward sense making and understanding 
  • highlighting contexts and models during Number Talks to develop and to anchor flexible and efficient strategies for reasoning and computing with rational numbers. 

      Participants were able to actively engage in different Number Talks as if they were the students as well as practice their roles in a classroom. The workshop was well-received as indicated by the participant feedback. One participant described the session as "one of the best trainings" ever attended while another attendee revealed that the training was "excellent" and will be "easily implemented in my school".  

submitted by Gin Sellers

Calling ALL
Instructional Coaches,

Curriculum Directors
Teacher Leaders!

CSRA RESA is excited to announce a unique opportunity for school and district leaders who focus on providing job-embedded professional learning to faculty members within districts and schools!

Facilitated by CSRA RESA’s dynamite professional learning consultants, these “train the trainer” professional learning pathways will provide participants with a variety of research-based strategies and materials, as well as opportunities to discuss ways of facilitating the information within a district or school professional learning session.

What is being offered for Instructional Coaches, Curriculum Directors, and Teacher Leaders?

Investigate and Examine our
GSE Science Lesson Library
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