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    • June 11 - TKES Recredentialing with Distinction
    • June 14 - Increasing the Achievements of Students with Disabilities (and other students who struggle)

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Reflections from Professional Learning Team

The Gift of a Teacher

Bombarded each day with negativity on television and even in entertainment shows, one can easily begin to think the whole world is spiraling downward.  But if one looks closely at the world, one sees the beauty of the individual spirit.  No group exudes that beauty and dedication more than teachers.  Each day they leave the comforts of home to work with children that enter their classrooms.  And each day they bring forth the best to provide those students with great knowledge, wonderful learning experiences, and immeasurable kindness and hope.  The accolades often few, the money never enough, the respect often lacking, and the thanks sparse in nature do not stop these dedicated teachers from working long hours, steadfast to their calling and to the children they meet each day.  No other profession seems to demand so much and yet supports so little.  But to that teacher, the accolades needed come from a child’s simple hug or smile, a thank you note from a former student, an appreciation from a parent, and satisfaction at the end of the day that he or she offered the absolute best. 


As I am blessed to work with the teachers from our twelve districts, I see that “fire within.”  Being surrounded by skilled, dedicated teachers makes me realize that when my grandchildren step through the doors of their elementary school each day they receive the best.  When teachers walk through the doors of their classrooms, they are well-prepared and knowledgeable, but most importantly, they are there because of their dedication and love for what they do.  These teachers deserve our recognition and our praise.  They deserve the best from each of us who come in contact with them.  They deserve to be the center piece of the news instead of the celebrity news or the negative news that bombard us.  What a better world we would have if each morning and night a news channel spotlighted the “Power of Great Teachers.”  That would be the best way to start our day and to end our day.  The world is good because of the teachers who love our children.  It is an honorable and noted profession that is definitely newsworthy!


Thank you, CSRA RESA teachers, for being the best.  We are forever in your debt. 

Mary Stout

Growing Readers Reflection
with Debbie Callan

This year has been an amazing year! Lots of highlights and learning opportunities to embrace.    

Our Growing Readers’ Schools have worked intentionally and strategically in an effort to improve reading stamina and culture in their classrooms. They have used monies from the GOSA grant to organize classroom libraries, set goals for individual readers, and support the readers with specific strategies to build foundational reading skills.  For more information about our work, visit the Growing Readers webpage.
Two of our Growing Readers’ teachers were selected as  “Golden Apple” Teachers. Ms. Taylor, a second grade teacher at Rollins Elementary, was nominated because of her amazing implementation of the expectations of the Growing Readers grant, the rapport she has with her readers, and for the high expectations she has for each reader. 

Jeana Kitchens was also selected as a Golden Apple Teacher for Glascock County Consolidated Schools. She was nominated for her dedication to her kinders and for the many volunteer hours she has served in the GCCS Booster Club. Ms. Kitchens has done an exemplary job with the Growing Reading Initiative amd her kinders are amazing readers!

The six in-house professional development sessions held throughout the year were made available to all 12 districts who wanted their teachers to examine their instructional practices for balanced literacy. It was an opportunity for all participants to reflect on their own instructional practices and make good better, and better - BEST!

Have a restful and reflective summer! 

Students reflecting on reading habits that build their
reading skills and stamina.

Math Reflections
Our work this school year allowed us to visit many schools and classrooms across our districts. We provided regional professional learning sessions as well as sessions specifically requested by schools. 

We also hosted our first regional cohort of K-5 Math Endorsement teachers. The extra efforts our teachers took investing their time and energy to take advantage of the opportunities to learn and grow with their peers, along with the continued support of their administrators, will propel our students to greater success. 

We continue to stand in awe of the hard work and dedication of the teachers across our districts. 

submitted by Gin Sellers

Innovative Classrooms PLC
An amazingly talented, enthusiastic, and creative group of teachers, coaches, media specialists, and administrators met face-to-face four times throughout this year in a hands-on, collaborative class.

Some of the topics explored included PLCs, ISTE Standards for teachers, coaches, and students; SAMR, the Four C's, Student Voice and Choice, Social Media, Hyperdocs, Digital Breakouts, Digital Portfolio platforms, Virtual Reality and Students as Digital Leaders.

Next year some will continue to serve, as they currently do, as technology leaders in their schools, while others will begin to serve by leading and supporting innovative uses of technology for learning on their grade level, team, or for their entire school. 

Many thanks to Lynda Moore, math instructor from BCHS, Laura Hooven, and all the participants who attended and shared their expertise. 

submitted by Diane Griffin

Clockwise from Top Left: Lynda Moore, BCHS Math teacher, teaching Hyperdocs; Burke Co. elementary teachers creating collaboratively; Lorena Smith working with teachers from CMS on GooseChaseEDU learning activity; Tyler Torek, Burke Co. Instructional Technology Specialist, demonstrating Google Street View, creating 360 images and resources for VR; Melissa Hall and Debbie Rogers, working to complete a mission in GooseChase.
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